Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of the Webplan India are very simple and mandatory to have business relationship with us.
Kindly go through the below mentioned terms and conditions and in case of confusion kindly, contact us for the clarification. Webplan India solely reserves the right to update or change the policies. We aim to maintain the sucurity, privacy and convenience of the client. Webplan India will not be liable to refund in case we find any infringement of settlement, account or our policies. No refund will be provided for such accounts in any circumstances.

1) Update/Change in website cost and package
Webplan India reserves all the rights to change the package/price of the services/products at any point of time. The changes done will be applicable for a new order. The price for the already given previous orders will not change.

2) Non-Payment / Late payment

Non payment and late payment will be enterntained as under :

a) If the due payment is not received in 5 days, technical support service will be discontinued.
b) If the due payment is not received in 10 days, the services will be suspended
c) If the due payment is not received in 7 days, the site and the data will be deleted from our system.
d) In case of charge back of a credit card payment, your account will be terminated and your website, data, email etc will be deleted.

3) Spam Policy

We have zero tolerence policy towards Unsolicited Commercial Emails or spam on our network. Our resellers like Godaddy, Hostinger etc hold the right to block such users. Such violator will face strict action.

4) Loss of data and backup
The customer will have responsibility to keep and maintain their data and files. Webplan India will keep only those data which are maintained by us.

5) Copyright Policy
Webplan India will maintain the law of copyright and will not violate it. We shall keep our customers away from copyright issues by guiding and suggesting them.

6) Warranty
The warranty on the site and other services will be followed as per settlement strictly.
The customer will be intimated about the warranty in advance.
The third party work on the site will lead to termination of the warranty.

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